Information about various XPilot-AI functions.

There are currently two supported versions of Xpilot-AI:
Xpilot-AI 1.0 based on XPilot Classic 4.5.5
Xpilot-ng-AI 0.9 based on XPilot NG 4.7.3

Both versions support C, Java, Python, and Racket (previously PLT Scheme).

We provide a custom server which adds switchBase, a flag to switch a player's spawnpoint upon death at a given probability. This server is not required to run Xpilot-AI bots, as they can join any server the client is capable of, but is available to aid in the learning of evolutionary AI so they do not develop a solution fit for only one spawnpoint.

Documentation for the previous, now retired versions of Xpilot-AI can be found here.

Information on how to intall XPilot and XPilot-AI.

This page explains the basic premise of how to write, compile, and run a bot.

We have written several example bots to help you get started, which can be found here.

These include:

Spinner - the most basic bot which constantly turns left.

Tester - exemplifies a call to each AI function.

Helper - slowly drifts, constantly spinning and shooting.

General information regarding XPilot-AI.