XPilot.org - The classic XPilot site.

xpilot.sourceforge.net - Home of XPilot NG, which adds polygonal map support and the SDL client.

BuckoSoft - Home of Dick Balaska, XPilotNT - The Windows port of original XPilot, XPilot5 - A refactoring of XPilot written in C++, and this very helpful keyboard map from Klaus Kühnl.

j-a-r-n-o.nl - An extremely helpful site by J-a-r-n-o, complete with newbie guide and shipshape catalog.

Xpilot-AI Google Code Page - Work of the Xpilot-AI 2011 Team, who wrote up this informative wiki.

XPilot, a multiplayer space combat game, was first written in 1991 by Bjørn Stabell and Ken Schouten, and has since branched into several different versions.

Xpilot-AI is a project under the direction of Professor Gary Parker at Connecticut College.

It was originally written by Matt Parker and later improved by David Arroyo '10.

A significant upgrade to the system, resulting in Xpilot-AI 0.9a was made by the HFOSS Xpilot-AI 2011 Team consisting of Evan Gray '13, Jim O'Connor '13, and Jesse Newbold '13.

Xpilot-AI 1.0 and Xpilot-ng-AI 0.9 were completed by Evan Gray '13 and Justin Anderson '14, the Xpilot-AI 2012 Team.