Both versions include all of the same bot functionality and primarily only differ graphically.

Xpilot-AI (Classic) uses X11 for its graphical environment, whereas Xpilot-ng-AI (NG) also includes an SDL client, although it is not yet supported.

Classic currently supports both Linux and Mac and we plan to add support for Windows as soon as possible.

Drawing wall feelers in Classic does not currently work do to an unknown implementation issue. Rest assured, wall feeling still works properly!

NG is only supported on Linux. Support for the SDL client and polygonal maps is planned for version 1.0

We have seen crashes when selecting "Internet" at the menu screen with both versions on various platforms, but have yet to find the cause. Still, this is a very low priority bug since Xpilot-AI is intended to be used for research and "Local" and -join work as expected.